Thursday, April 14, 2016

lark, curse, anathema

I received another package that contained a poster for a one time showing of “The King in Yellow” and a burlap pouch with a pendant.

So before I open the pouch, I should go over the poster proclaiming the play to be enacted.

 First, reading the three act play, according to Chambers causes insanity.  The reader has to be placed into a mental institution, commits suicide, goes on a murderous rampage; combinations of two or sometimes all three occur.  
According to Lovecraft; the play is an invocation to bring forth a elder ‘god’ that eats towns, steps across mountains and doesn’t look down on the obliterated humanity it has voided: cause Hastur just don’t care.

So what would seeing the play acted live do to people, to say nothing of the actors; portraying, reciting and acting out the ‘ritual’?  
The movie ‘In the Mouth of Madness’ 1994 is great example what I am blogging about.  The movie is also about Lovecraft mythos (go watch it).

So the play will bring about a riot of vast proportions. 

Inside the burlap pouch is a pendant with the Yellow Sign.

 Here goes another tangent…
In Lovecraft mythos the Elder Sign ‘hides’ you from the cosmic entities whose mere sight will melt your brain; I am being literal.  The Elder sign traced on your door keeps dark,  slimy, squishy, hungry, smaller things from entering and eating you.   Chambers account of the Yellow Sign is the direct opposite.
And back to the blog…

I was sent a metaphysical signaling beacon/fog horn/lighthouse light that has a 101% chance of doing such horrible things to me that death will not stop the pain and suffering my soul will feel.  So I could not kill myself to help alleviate the terror coming for my eternal spirit. 

Gee, thanks.

Both Chambers and Lovecraft followed a theme; once you saw a sign or mystic words, a glimpse behind the curtain, so to speak, you as an individual are over with.  There is no ‘passing it on’, no way to un-see, now way to slow the coming horror.  The only "maybe" in the future is if you might go so completely insane that you will not be able to perceive what is being done to you, or you are barmy enough that you are not ‘you’.

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