Sunday, April 10, 2016

inquiry, history, hypothesis

Thus I am back to investigating. 

Researching has dramatically changed since my first collegiate attempt.  I remember that the Library was the temple, the great sanctuary to knowledge, the modern Shrine to Seshat.  Only at the great repository could I gather the information I wanted to absorb.  If the information was not at my current library, I had to seek through the card files and make phones call to other institutions to locate an obscure manuscript.  I then waited as it was shipped to my depository.  After the manuscript arrives I needed to sign the material out and only be able to study it within the confines of the shrine, of course only during open hours.

When next I gave it the ol’ college try, research was done on my own computer, sifting across rants, trolls, lies and reviews.  I learned what was accepted: peer review, known sites that have an approval from institutional learning centers, and of course these are not free.  Citing a Wiki was not accepted nor allowed.  Google was a start, never a fact.  Seshat’s Shrine was only used for a quiet area to study, an empty area to meet, or a cheap copy center.   The great repositories are all online for a price. 
I did well and completed my graduate degree.  I am now ‘full of’ B.S.  This exploration was exciting. 

Then the letter.  
Online lookup, coupled up with opening boxes long ago put into storage.  This was a combination of the two.  I also wanted to ‘call out’ to whoever was doing this; a friend, an enemy or a conspiracy?

So I also had to look up a way to talk about this voyage and record this jaunt.  I reached out to some friends; authors and bloggers.  I imagined a blog was a way of combining the two.  Now I am learning how to blog, (still trying to acquire a way to button my blog so that it is easier to find).

Another package arrives. . . 

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