Thursday, March 31, 2016

instruction, scheme, ruse

timeline: Dec 2015

It started out as an unusual letter in our mail box.  

The envelope was properly addressed without a return address.  Inside was another envelope.  

The inner packet was addressed properly, however it was stamped “received undeliverable” with a date stamp of 05/03/00.  This is unusual because the address I live at was not purchased until ’11.
Now the questions arise and I look keener at the envelope.  I see the postmark from GLOS (Gloucester) with an English stamp.

Righto, you got my attention.  

The letter has a date of 4 February 2000.  The short of the letter is: ‘protect the stuff inside as others are trying to destroy this information’.  There are some pages of a play; The King in Yellow.


Looks like I got some stuff to look up…

rant, start, type.

So, do I start at the beginning; when the first 'gift' was delivered, and the wonder of what was going on started a curiosity that I had lost for decades?

Do I talk about my curiosity? 

 Interest that began as a teenager and blossomed in college; then as jobs, the daily grind of living paycheck to paycheck strained my free time, my prying mind faded.  Until the concern I had, became apathy; just books, notes and papers packed away in boxes.


 This is a blog.  I can take my time.  Write as a flow of consciousness, or just go back and forth as my mind journeys across memories.
As many authors have stated, just write something, anything.  Okay.

 It started out as an unusual letter in our mail box.