Thursday, March 31, 2016

instruction, scheme, ruse

timeline: Dec 2015

It started out as an unusual letter in our mail box.  

The envelope was properly addressed without a return address.  Inside was another envelope.  

The inner packet was addressed properly, however it was stamped “received undeliverable” with a date stamp of 05/03/00.  This is unusual because the address I live at was not purchased until ’11.
Now the questions arise and I look keener at the envelope.  I see the postmark from GLOS (Gloucester) with an English stamp.

Righto, you got my attention.  

The letter has a date of 4 February 2000.  The short of the letter is: ‘protect the stuff inside as others are trying to destroy this information’.  There are some pages of a play; The King in Yellow.


Looks like I got some stuff to look up…

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